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Transformational Life Coaching

Are you ready to get unstuck and find the best version of yourself?

Who I Work With

I primarily work with hospitality industry leaders, but anyone who holds a senior level position in any field is the type of person that I enjoy coaching most.  They say that "it's lonely at the top."  Once you reach the level of owner, General Manager, CEO, Executive Chef, etc., it becomes harder and harder to identify people around you that you can open up to and gain some new insights.  I have worked with high level Chefs, Business Owners, Corporate Executives, General Managers and active duty military members that effectively realized better versions of themselves through coaching.

My Clients Share Some of These Characteristics

  • You're completely dedicated to your profession and willing to do whatever is necessary to serve your audience.  Even at the cost of your own mental and physical health

  • You sacrifice your own life balance so that your team can have better balance

  • You are at the top of your game and now feel lost or alone

  • You have accomplished so much and don't know where to go next

  • Despite your rising up through the ranks, you have a hard time seeing the positives in yourself that others seem to see (Imposter Syndrome)

  • You feel guilty that you spend more time with your work family than you spend with your actual family

  • You find yourself deflecting your stress and anxiety on your team and/or your loved ones

  • You have been programmed to think that talking about your struggles is a sign of weakness

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How Does Coaching Work?

The best way to learn about the power of Transformational Life Coaching is to experience it for yourself.  Shoot me a message expressing interest in learning more and I will set aside 2 hours of my time during which, we will have a deep and insightful conversation that will allow you to experience the kind of life changing effects that coaching can have.  There is no cost for having this conversation.  All you need is to do is commit to the time and be open to sharing your dreams, challenges, and perspective.  If, after this discussion, you think you would like to continue into a coaching relationship, we can move onto a more logistical conversation as to what that might look like for you.

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Who I Work With
How Coaching Works
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