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I help professional chefs find life balance while positively leading their team

~ Mike Matarazzo, CEC, CTACC

Life Coach/Founder

Be Better Culinary Perspectives

What is Coaching?

The relationship between a coach and client is co-creative, meaning that we are equals.

I am not a therapist, counselor, or consultant.  I am a trained coach using honed communication skills to support you as a thinking partner.  Together, we create more power for you to affect meaningful change and take dynamic actions towards your goals

One on One Coaching Options

Free Exploration session required before starting any paid plan

**Due to COVID-19 all sessions will be conducted either by phone or virtual meeting

3 Week Plan

  • Three 50 min sessions

  • Unlimited email communication

This is a great option for exploratory coaching and minor shifts in perspective, however, for bigger shifts and lasting habit change, it is recommended to choose a more long term plan

3 Month Plan

  • 3x - 50 minute sessions per month for 3 months

  • Unlimited email & text communication between sessions

Most Popular

6 Month Plan

  • 2x - 90 minute sessions per month for 6 months

  • Unlimited email & text communication between sessions

  • One 15-minute accountability call per month

Group Workshops

For groups of up to  8 people

Great for team building and synergy

Helps develop more effective communication skills among team

Teaches the power of empathy

*Group workshop plans vary based on the needs of the client

Why is an Exploration Session Required?

The co-creative process relies heavily on good chemistry between coach and client.  The Exploration session is used to ensure that both parties are comfortable with continuing to a paid plan.

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