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Transformational Life Coaching

Experience life changing insights through powerful conversations and learn how to use those insights to go wherever you desire.

It doesn't matter where you're from or what you do for a living.  We all experience many of the same challenges.  I am ready to listen and excited to see what you do next.

Keynote & Motivational Speaking

Whether it's a keynote address, motivational speech, or a morning mindset session, Mike Matarazzo always brings a unique life perspective to the audience and leaves them feeling energized and inspired.

Leadership Coaching

As a leader, you put so much of yourself into the development of your team.  It's not hard to fall into a world of self deprivation that inhibits your ability to be self-aware or to find balance.  Through deep conversation, you will discover new ways of approaching your role and ultimately find the best version of yourself as a leader.

Becoming a Coach for Your Team

The art of Coaching is a very powerful skill to have in your leadership toolkit.  Learn the fundamentals of coaching and effective communication and use them to connect with your team on a whole other level.  Watch what happens when your people feel heard.  Once you open the door to open and honest communication, something truly magical happens.

Group Coaching

Providing resources to your team is a big part of being an effective leader.  Group coaching is a resource that promotes a stronger sense of Team and teaches them the most effective ways to work together and communicate with one another through strategic guided discussions.

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