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Any of these sound familiar?

You want to be at the top of your game but don't know how to get there

You often deflect your stress and anxiety on those around you

You know that you have a fixed negative mindset and want to change

You are at the top of your game and now feel lost or alone

You sacrifice your own balance so that others can have better balance

You need a change but don't know where to begin

You've come to the right place!

You are capable of more than you realize

You're gift is your curse:
1. You are selfless

You spend most of your time and energy tending to the needs of others, while completely ignoring your own needs.  You may even feel guilty if you put yourself before others.

It is vital to recognize that your ability to perform effectively at any task is directly related to the ways in which you care for yourself, both mentally and physically.  If you want to be there for others, you need to be there for yourself first.

2. You are positive

No matter your true mood or mindset, you carry yourself into the world and try very hard to put out positive vibes toward everyone you come in contact with.  Being or acting positive will only serve others.  Believing in the positivity is what is necessary for you.

3. You are "Tough"

You have been through a lot, have developed thick skin, and don't need to burden others with your challenges.  You believe that you have reached an age and a point in life where you should be able to endure hardships on your own.  You believe that vulnerability is weakness when in reality, it is silence that is weakness.  It takes an incredible amount of strength to raise your hand and ask for help.  Even when you know that there are people around you who would drop everything to listen, if that is what you need.

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Mindset is so very important and knowing the difference between wanting and believing is key.


It's one thing to want change or to want to achieve a big goal and it's quite another thing to believe that it is all possible.

Often times, even the highest performing individuals become plagued by imposter syndrome despite all of their successes.  Instead of believing that you deserve all that you desire out of life, you begin to question, "who am I to think that I can do this?"


You get what you get in life because you think the way that you do.  Find the most effective ways to gradually change the way you view the circumstances surrounding your goals, and that's where the magic really begins to happen!  

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4. You always strive for perfection

You live by the belief that if you are always striving for perfection, you are guaranteed to land somewhere closer to it.  This is what I like to call the "dart board" strategy of life.  Embrace the idea of just being a little better and learn to celebrate every small step forward.  To do this, you must first define what each of those little steps looks like for you.

5. You are experienced

You often use your past personal experience as a guide to help others and to overcome future hurdles.  This doesn't always work out and in fact, our experience can sometimes be our biggest weakness.  Situationally, our experience can hinder our ability to see unique opportunities.  For leaders, experience often gets in the way of true active listening as well as your ability to be empathetic toward members of your team.

6. You live in your comfort zone

You stick with things that you are good at and very rarely take risks for fear of failure.  You fear the criticism of others and find it safer and more logical to stay the course while maintaining a "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" mentality.  I have news for you... fear is a choice.  Fear happens when you believe that a negative outcome is more probable than a positive one.  I say, "if it ain't broke...make it better."  

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