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Community Meet-ups

We are excited to introduce the Charlottesville hospitality community to our Be Better Community Meet-Ups!  Meet-ups are open to anyone in the hospitality/foodservice industry.

For now, all meet-ups are in person and will be held at a different Charlottesville location each time.  You can view scheduled upcoming meet-ups in the calendar below.

Each meet-up will begin with a topic/message that is relatable to the group and everyone will have a chance to contribute to the conversation by sharing their own experiences, challenges, and stories.  Don't feel like sharing?  No worries!  Sometimes just listening to the stories of others can help with your own challenges.

Community meet-ups are free to attend.  Confidentiality is important to folks so if you do attend, we trust that you will not discuss anyone else's business outside of the group.

Meet-Up Overview
Stay Tuned!

Plans for the first round of meet-ups are underway!  Subscribe to our mailing list below to receive notifications about upcoming meetings.  Don't miss out!

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Request a Topic

Have an idea for a meet-up topic?  Let us know and we will do our best to work it into the mix!

Meet-Up Calendar
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