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2023 Hospitality Wellness Retreat

How You Can Help Us Plan

One of the most important messages that we try to spread at Be Better is the importance of serving ourselves with the same care and attention that we serve others.


Professionally, we often invest in continuing education activities.  Sometimes, we even get to travel to an industry conference and most of us treat these trips as a way to "escape."  The truth is, while these activities may be enjoyable and a brief change from the usual routine, they are hardly an escape from our stressors.


When we looked at how much money people invest in work trips, gym memberships, diet plans, self-help books, and the like, it hit us!


Let's create an annual wellness retreat specifically for Hospitality Professionals!  A real getaway to a peaceful place with a small group of individuals that more than likely share the same challenges.


The Wellness Retreat is still in the early planning stages, but here are some high level ideas of what would be included:


  • 3 night stay at an out of the way property in a peaceful setting (meals included)

  • Wellness sessions i.e. stress management, group coaching, health coaching, Life Balance Coaching, etc.

  • Wellness experts/motivational speakers

  • Morning group activities i.e. light hiking, fishing, yoga/meditation

  • Massage therapist sessions

  • Family Meal Dinner- Dinner on the final evening- On this night we all cook together (optional), eat together, share stories, and reflect on the trip.


We are aiming to have the first annual retreat in 2023 and once we have an better idea of the location and activities, we will be able to set a price for the trip.


In the meantime, it is very important that we get a sense for the interest level of a trip like this.  If you think you would be interested in attending the first Hospitality Wellness Retreat, fill out the pre-registration form by clicking the link below.  Please note that filling out this form is free and does not obligate you to take any additional steps.  If you show interest, and we move forward, you will be among the first to recieve the official details and opportunity to reserve your spot.

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